Friday, 20 February 2009

'Mere Christianity'

I'm reading a book by C.S. Lewis called 'Mere Christianity'. It is one of my 'must read every year books'. In this book Lewis reminds me about so many of the fundatmentals of my faith -those that I take for granted. One of those things is Christ himself and in particular the work He came to do. Throughout the book Lewis brings up those questions that people who are not christians often use as reasons why they shouldn't/can't believe in God. He refers to Christs claim to forgive sin. It is quite reasonable when someone hurts you for you to forgive them, if they take something without permission it is reasonable for them to say sorry and you say 'forget about it' and you do. But for someone to say I forgive all your sin, without getting permission from the ones you had hurt is not reasonable. Charlie hurt Mary then Mary is the only one who should forgive for she has been hurt. But Jesus forgave wrongdoing as though he was the one to whom the offence was committed. At this point you have to come to some conclusion either Jesus was a lunatic or he was God. You can't even get away with saying he was a 'great moral teacher' because he said he could forgive sin and only God could do that as ultimatey it is God's laws that have been broken - hate, murder, adultery - and whose love is wounded with every sin.

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