Monday, 11 June 2007

Be Encouraged.

A little encouragement goes a long way, I'm of the opinion that we don't encourage people enough and I think this is borne out of the fact that we don't recieve it enough so we don't give it and so it goes on.

Barnabas whose name means 'Son of Encouragment' personified his name. The book of Acts tells us how Paul came to Jerusalem and was not trusted. No wonder as prior to becoming a follower of Jesus he would capture and throw Christians into prison. Of course then there was air of suspician. Was he 'fakin it' or was this all a ploy to imprison more disciples.

Barnabas steps up to the plate. He presents Paul to the apostles and staked his own reputation on the truth of his conversion. Although not witnessing it himself he told the apostles that he (Paul) had seen Jesus on the way to Damascus, that the Lord had spoken to Saul and of how he had preached boldly in Damascus. At some point Barnabas must have taken the time out to speak to Paul, listen to this testimony and find out what he was doing as a result of that testimony.

Imagine how Paul must have felt having this veteran standing up and speaking on his behalf. Imagine if Barnabas had not spoken. The apostles may have refused to hear him, much of the New Testament might not have been written.

Let us take time to encourage, you don't know the impact you will make.

Remember .....pray one for another

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