Sunday, 17 June 2007

Out with the old......

I have to admit to being a bit of a hoarder. Every now and again I try to have a clear out but I just hate throwing things away.

Now that we are now environmentally aware I always think that I can use pot again or I can give that to someone who maybe able to use it. The bad thing about it is often I just put the thing somewhere out of the way with the intention of giving it to that someone or of using it again. And when I come to have that clean the next time I come across it again!

We'll be leaving Ghana very soon and so again I am having to sort out 10 years of stuff. It's taking me ages as everything I have has a memory or occasion attached to it even Christmas cards which friends have taken time out to choose and send to me, so it is taking me a long time.

I think we like the familiar and as such we are reluctant to get rid of that which we know and are attached to. What a wrench it must have been to Abraham who was told to leave everthing which he was used to and familiar with and move to the unfamiliar and the unknown. He could have chosen to play safe and stay where he was or to make room for new blessings, new experiences. Throwing out the old makes way for the new. Holding on to the old inevitably leaves less space for the new.

So I will take that old suitcase, those clothes that I haven't worn for years and give them away or throw them out.....I will.

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