Sunday, 31 August 2008

What great women these Christians have.....

Time has gone so fast it was over a year ago that I wrote anything on my blog and so much has happened. As I go on I'll share things that have happened over past year, but now I have to deal with the now. Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama and now Sarah Palin have been thrust into our psyche and regardless of your politics its great to see women overcoming barriers and being agents of change and challenging women to think about what they can do. I remember when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of England, living in Britain at the time I am ashamed to say I was a little uncertain about a women leading the country, but I grew to admire this woman for her determination and grit. She was and is known as the 'Iron Lady'. She was tough but she was still a lady. I've been in the States a few months now and I see that God is calling women at such an incredible rate and these women are doing great things for God. I have just recieved an article in 'Gospel Today' about female pastors, Sheryl Brady, Tamara Bennett, Kimberley Ray to name a few. These women are leading churches yea with all the joys and acolade that that brings but also with the pressure, stress and opposition that come with being not only in leadership but a woman in leadership. I applaud these women and every woman who leads a Sunday School class, a bible study, a prayer group. God has called you and me into the Kingdom for this present time. Its the best of times and yet it is the worst of times let us continue to pray one for another.

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