Friday, 5 September 2008

I Will Finish

We all need to keep fit, no matter what size we are. Hezekiah challenged God, he told him that the grave could not praise Him, in other words 'I'm no use to you dead God, so don't allow me to die right now.' The same goes for if we don't keep our bodies active. God can't use a body that just can't go. I know that there are some ailments and disabilites that are outside our control but there are some that are well in our control, you know I'm right. Walk 20 minutes a day - 10 minutes away from the house and 10 minutes back home. Over the days and weeks increase the pace and as you get more comfortable increase the time. It is also a time when the Holy Spirit can speak to you. I was on a walk which turned into a run and I was determined to run for twenty minutes, five minutes went by and I was out of breath I felt I couldn't go on. I told myself just another 5 minutes, still our of breath I continued and as the time passed I told my self 'you've only got ten minutes to go,just try to go another five minutes....' I ran for the full twenty minutes. I thought how many times the enemy makes us think we can't go a step further, its too much now, I can't take anymore rejection, I can't take one more dissappointment, no more bad news. At that moment it feels that we can't, but we can and we can because in our weakness our God shows how strong He is. He is strong enough to carry us through those dissapointments. And you know, there is an added bonus. When I was running I was increasing my endurance, so the next time I can may be able to run for 25 minutes. When we overcome we are stronger, wiser, better. You see how you start is not questioned it is not even how you finish but if you finish. Speak to yourself I will finish! Pray one for another......
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