Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thankful Thursday No.2

I did a Hebrew test and it did not go as well as it should for lots of reasons - one being that it was online and I just could read the script, the other my mind went blank. Have you ever had that you know you know it but its as if nothing's there.
I had some good advice last week that I have taken on 'just don't worry' . I give that advice so much and most of the time I don't stress but there are times when.... well you know. But in the scheme of things a lot of things aren't that big a deal, next week will come and there is another test - well an exam! It will be OK And so today I'm thankful because its going to be OK. Someone said 'today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, and all is well'. "Be thankful unto Him and bless is His Name" Psalm 100:4

Thanks to Iris By Grace Alone for the Thankful Thursday Inspiration.

Pray one for another. We need it.


bp said...

Happy Thankful Thursday to you! I love that quote, I've heard that before about worry. It is good to know God is in charge!!

I like the colors on your blog and your layout!

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

It will be okay. I "blanked" right in the middle of some law school exams. Thank goodness God was with me! He'll be with you too!

Denise said...

Sweetie, may you be blessed, not stressed.