Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bill, Bills, and more Bills

Its that time of the month again!! Trying to fit the money with the bills and realising that there are more bills than money. What's possibly comforting -I said possibly-is knowing that most people are in the same position. Listening to the news this week there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, the bailout isn't going to happen - at least not yet. It makes me think that this is why Jesus said 'Seek first the Kingdom', He is sooo clever! Change your focus. Put your efforts into those things that are eternal and unchanging. To my mind it doesn't mean we should just pretend that the economic situation isn't important. Too many people are being adverseley affected by it. But if we concentrate on it too much it will 'do your head in' - to use a Britsh phrase. The book of Judges tells of a time when Samson came across a lion and as lions do he roared - Samson was about to be dinner. Samson however kills the lion and days later finds honey in the carcass .... a carcass - something that was dead and depleted. The source was not the carcass but God. That same God will provide for us from things that are dead and depleted from the last place we would think of, because He can. Don't look at the circumstance look to the Source. He will provide.

Pray one for another. We need it

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