Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A reason for living

On a recent trip to one to the poorest regions in Ghana I was challenged by women who smiled, sang, danced, laughed, chatted, questioned but who by 'developed country' standards had so little. Their clothes weren't coordinated or fashionable, but clean nonetheless. They walked everywhere unless they were rich enough to own a bicycle.

A lady who lived in Kumasi, Ghana's second city (first of course if you are Ashanti!) tried to prepare me for the experience by saying to me '.....we are not poor here (Kumasi) go to the North that's where you'll see poor, when I go there I want to take off the clothes I'm wearing it to them.'

I wasn't prepared for what I saw and felt. My task was to speak to these women. I questioned myself and God what could I say that would make a tangible difference to the dire circumstances these women lived in, trite words and cliches would be insensitive and demeaning not only to these wonderful people but to myself.

I don't know if what I said made any real and lasting difference, I leave that to God. What I took away rather was that the will to live, to get up every morning and face poverty, no running water or sanitation, is the strongest force of all.

Remember .......Pray one for another

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