Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Small Island

There were many parts of 'Small Island' that made me chuckle. I was surprised at how I was able to empathise with those courageous men and women who left the Caribbean with a view to economic improvement. I also understood their fantasy about the 'motherland' and the reality that they actually encountered. I agree with one reviewer who wrote that it was as if she (Levy) 'persuades you she was there..'

What saddens me is that this continues in England today. We talk of anti racism and positive action and diversity but the problem is deeper. When a black 11 year old in 2007 is asked by fellow white students to open her mouth so they can see the colour inside, I am deeply saddened. Where is this being cultivated? I know that children aren't born with this, it's taught, overtly or covertly. These 11 year olds students will should God permit become the supervisors personnel officers, civil servants, managing directors of the United Kingdom.

Talking to a friend who has been a teacher for over 30 years and a headteacher for more than a third of that time in mainly inner city schools, is of the firm opinion that attitudes are changing, that the above example is an exception rather than a rule. I need to be convinced. As a child I experienced such demeaning attitudes and it grieves me that over 30 years on 'my children' are still having to undergo this.

Those of us who are are Christians need to lead the way in showing the world how things ought to be. Or are we in some way adding to the problem by not facing this issue head on beginning with the person in the mirror and seeing if we have beams that need to be taken out of our eyes.

Remember ......Pray one for another.


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