Monday, 28 May 2007

What's that in you hand?

Harriet Tubman. Now there's a woman! From available documents it would seem that she didn't have much going for her. She was short, unattractive (her front teeth were missing), she couldn't read or write, she was prone to fits which caused her to collapse and fall asleep, and she was a black female slave. But did she allow these things to dampen her resolve to make a difference?

She was of the view that she had a right to one of two things - liberty or death and she would fight for one or settle for the other. When she did take her freedom she couldn't enjoy it knowing that her family were still enslaved. She strategised as to how best to get them from the South to the North. She did get them out, not only them but she went on to lead over 300 other people out of slavery. She didn't have much but she made the most of what she did have.

What do you have in your hand? It may be just a resolve to make tomorrow better than today with Gods help. It may be all you have going for you, but strengthen that resolve right now! Make the most of it, plan around it and use it to take you forward.

Remember ......Pray one for another.

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