Thursday, 18 September 2008

Try Something New

I've just come from a 'Point of Grace' concert. I'm a gospel music lover, there I admit it. My mum owned a Mahalia Jackson vinyl record which I listened to over and over - oh and she did own a Charlie Pride record as well, I forgot about that. I learned every word and nuance of Mahalia's recording. I attended a 'black church' as a child which caused my love of gospel music grow even more.

About six years ago I bought a 3CD set of Darlene Zschech and I was smitten. My love of gospel didn't wane, it broadened. But I remember a time when I wouldn't have given that genre a hearing - to me gospel was the only music that moved you, it was music that could take you into 'His Presence' but now I wondered how much of this had I missed out on. Point of Grace sang 'On Gods Green Earth' and 'How You Live', fabulous songs! I kept thinking why had I not paid more attention to this group before I comforted myself with one of my well used adages 'nothing happens before the time' and its what I do now that matters. How many times do we close ourselves off to all things new, things that broaden our horizons, things that may possibly open a door that we should really walk through. We can miss out on so many opportunities because we are set in our ways. 'Can't teach an old dog new tricks' and all that... When my children were small they didn't like the taste of cream, and avacado and hummos but I kept letting them try it and as they got older their tastes developed and things that they once disliked now they enjoy - at least some of them. Is it time to try something different? To meet someone from outside of your 'everyday'? To learn a new skill? To develop that talent? Don't leave it one more day make a move. Pray one for another - we need it!

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